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Abdalla Abdulkhalik
CEO Gulf Bank

JoyceAnn Wainaina
CEO Citi Bank

Ayaz Merali
CEO Paramount Bank

Joshua Oigara
Group CEO KCB Bank

Ronald Marambii
CEO Bank of Africa

Kamal Budhabati
CEO Craftsilicon

Kihara Maina
CEO I & M Bank

Kamal Budhabati
CEO Craftsilicon

R.B. Singh
CEO Mayfair Bank

KCB: Leveraging the future on Fintech and SMEs 

In 1896 KCB, Eastern Africa's oldest and largest commercial bank started its operations in Zanzibar as a branch of National ...

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We are ready to enter the Ethiopian market as soon as it opens up to foreign banks - Ronald Marambii, CEO BOA

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  • 05/02/2019 - ThinkBusiness 0 Comments
    Specialized Credit Providers

    Mobile network providers have in the recent past been partnering with non bank institutions that directly offer solutions that incorporate credit, savings of insurance elements. The retail innovations make it easier for average income earners access loans to buy the products and services at affordable prices.

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  • 05/02/2019 - ThinkBusiness 0 Comments
    Kenya Bankers Association Head gives an Overview of Kenya’s Banking Sector.

    Advocacy for the banks is the key mandate for Kenya Bankers Association (KBA). Our policy articulation is backed up with research. Our other mandate is to steer efficiency in the banking sector. - Dr Habil Olaka, CEO KBA

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  • 05/02/2019 - ThinkBusiness 0 Comments
    Recalibrating for new standards

    Most developing countries are striving to catch up with their more developed counterparts in putting in place appropriate measures to regulate their fiscal economies. The regulation of banks and their operations plays a big part in this regulation. This need for ...

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