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Financial Year 2019-2020: Results and Analysis

Banking Industry Results 31st December 2019

Selected Industry Results at a Glance

  • Total Assets increased by 9.1% to KSh 4.8tn in 2019 compared to KSh 4.4tn in 2018 and growth of 9.9%
  • Customer Deposits increased by 8.3% to KSh 3.5tn in 2019 compared to KSh 3.3tn in 2018 and growth of 12.3%
  • Loans & Advances to Customers increased by 7.6% to KSh 2.5tn in 2019 compared to KSh 2.3tn in 2018 and growth of 2.0%
  • Investments in KG Securities increased by 14.2% to KSh 160bn in 2019 compared to KSh 150bn in 2018 and growth of 13.4%

Overall Industry Growth Results (Selected)

Banking Industry Results 31st December 2019

Top Ten Banks – Total Asset

KCB increased its asset base by 8.5% to KSh 674bn (MS 14.05%) in 2019 from KSh 622bn (MS 14.13%) in 2018. Equity is in second place with KSh 508bn (MS 10.57%) and NCBA comes in third with KSh 465bn (MS 9.68%)

Top Ten Banks – Customer Deposits

Profit and Loss Account Results (Selected)

Disclosures (Selected)

Performance of the Banking Industry

Banking Industry Results 2019 (Selected)