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Think Business Limited is a strategic research and competitive intelligence powerhouse, serving the information needs of investors, policy makers and business leaders through analysis, publication and communication of reliable, timely and objective business, markets, consumer and economic information. We are widely respected for our objectivity, balance, consistency and quality content; values we uphold.

The company was registered in 2006 under the companies act as a private company limited by shares. We are headquartered in Nairobi and our offices are at 87 Rhapta Road, off Wayiaki Way, Westlands

The directors are Mr. Ochieng Oloo and Mr. Caleb Orwa. Mr. Ochieng Oloo, who dreamt of building the most respected and leading business consultancy, research, media and multi-channel information provider in Africa, founded the company.

Our business model is similar to that of The Economist, Financial Times and the Bloomberg L.P. the financial software, data and media company, among others.

We believe that knowledge is power and that relevant, timely and complete information is absolute power for business decision-making and economic development.

Guided by this philosophy we are in the business of profitably communicating need-driven ideas, skills and information that empowers the private sector, governments and non-governmental organizations to make informed judgment and decisions and to add value to investors, business leaders, managers and public sector policy makers.

We are committed to generating maximum value for money for our clients and investment partners, quality jobs, good incomes and professional growth for our employees, and business growth for our suppliers and strategic partners because we believe that this is the only way to ensure sustainable growth and shareholder value.

Over the last 10 years, we have expanded our product base from just one product at the beginning to 10 now. We have also expanded regionally to cover Uganda, Tanzania, Rwanda and Kenya.

KCB: Leveraging the future on Fintech and SMEs 

In 1896 KCB, Eastern Africa’s oldest and largest commercial bank started its operations in Zanzibar as a branch of National …

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We are ready to enter the Ethiopian market as soon as it opens up to foreign banks – Ronald Marambii, CEO BOA

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